Monday, August 25, 2008

The Last Elder LeSueur

Brady is the last of eight boys in our family to go out and serve a mission for the LDS Church. We were happy and sad to see him leave the beginning of April of this year to go to Cape Town, South Africa. But he didn't leave us without a handful of new stories to tell. For those of you that know Brady, you know that he is a character that if you could get on paper and into a TV series, you would make millions. He almost slept through his farewell talk at church, walked into the chapel 26 seconds before he was supposed to start his talk and somewhere in the midst of it all said over the pulpit something to the extent of "the LeSueur's are the bomb." Those of you that know Brady may be surprised to hear that he gave one of the most flawless and motivating talks about faith and the simplicity of the gospel. It was very inspiring to see him leave, not only because he completes a legacy of missionaries for our family, but also because he did it whilst leaving a huge impression on many others, including myself. When I left on my mission I was crying and blubbering all over myself. Brady went out strong and poised. We all miss him and wish him success.

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