Thursday, February 5, 2009

What a game!

I love basketball, or as Oliver calls it, dickie-ball. I am on a high from tonight's game, so here's a post for the Lakers.

Man, it felt like we were already into the post season tonight watching the Lakers battle the Celtics in Boston. My dislike for Boston (besides the whole Lakers/Celtics rivalry) comes from two players that I want to cat punch. I wont say their names but they are both in the pictures below.

Kobe shot for crap tonight. Luckily it only made the game more interesting. This was by far the most physical game I have seen this season. Rondo challenged Kobe at one point with a nice big push after a call. This is Kobe telling him to knock it off.

This guy right here is my pick for player of the night. Lamar was by far the most consistent Laker on the floor tonight hitting two clutch free throws to put the Lakers ahead by one in overtime. 
I'm not saying that the Lakers never do it. In fact, I think Fisher does it a bit too much. But this guy flops like a fish. A fish named Divac. And as far as whining goes, I know Kobe does it too sometimes, and he has gotten much better, but look at this guy's stupid face. This is what he gets for his stupid face.

Kevin Garnett was said to have pounded his fists on the table shouting, "We are the champs!" during the post game interview. There was little to no contact in the final play where some dude shot the ball and Pau blocked it all over the place. But said dude ended up on the floor and looked at the ref with that same mentality as Garnett's aforementioned comment, expecting a call that wasn't there and wasn't going to come no matter how long he laid there on the floor. "Come in, Ray." 

Despite all the jibber jabber about refs and fights that almost broke out, Lakers pulled off a win by the skin of their yellow country teeth. Now if they can beat Labron James and the Cavaliers on Sunday...

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