Sunday, February 15, 2009

Olli-E and Wall-E

I tired to post this a few weeks back, but only the picture made it to the blog. We are so happy that my parents live so close to us because their house has a soda fountain, a bunch of great hi-def TVs with all the Lakers games a guy in Utah can dream of and of course they are great baby-sitters. But Oliver has fallen into some horrible habits at "poppas" house which makes it hard to stop by. As soon as we go over, he grabs my dads hand and says "Comeeeer, downstairs" and pulls him into the theater room and begs incessantly that he put on Wall-E on the BlueRay player (like his father, Oliver prefers all of his shows to be in high definition). For those of you who have not seen Wall-E, it's not a short movie. And the fact that he also has to watch the credits in their entirety extends the minimum amount of time that we can be at their house. He also has to hold onto the DVD case every time he watches any movie. The picture above is of him enjoying the credits with the case in his hand.


Dale and Tabitha said...

That is such a cute picture. How are you feeling?

Missy said...

He is SO adorable. It was so great to see you at dinner! Let's do it again soon.