Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hide and Seek

I guess I should post something about Oliver for all of you since my last few posts have been pretty strange.

It has been so nice being home for the past few months. Oliver likes me a lot more since I'm no longer the dad who only shows up on the weekends. He loves to play hide and seek with me. Usually, I will run and hide and he will wander around the house saying, "Daddy, how are you?" until he finds me. I usually give him a few audible hints to help him out. If he has a hard time, Nicole will usually help him (which I still feel is cheating). When he finds me, I try and encourage him to run and hide, but he's only got one hiding spot.

And it drives Nicole up the wall since he pulls all of her clothes off the hangars.

He loves this spot so much now that he spends large amounts of time hanging out there, trying on Nicole's shoes and creating closet havoc. He often grabs a favorite book of his and brings it in with him when he is planning on spending even more time in there.

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Missy said...

Gosh he's gotten big! What a cutie.