Saturday, January 31, 2009

Crappy Valley

I love living in Utah. But the people here can get a bit irksome. For example, Grant and I went to the movies tonight to see Taken. Whilst waiting in line for tickets, Grant politely let an elderly gentleman step in front of him because he had a quick question about the available seats in the theater. I thought to myself it was nice of Grant to do that. We got inside and sat down in our assigned seats as many Utah theaters often do nowadays. Lo and behold, the elderly gentleman sat right down next to us and began talk to his wife who's assigned seat was directly behind us. Once again, Grant being the nice guy he is offered to trade places with his wife so they could sit next to each other. A few minutes passed and we noticed that there was a third party to this elderly group who's seat was much further away and the man was shouting to her explaining what Grant had done. The man kept hinting to his wife that maybe Grant would trade seats with the other lady and he did. Then, following suit, I traded my seat with the third party member so that all three of them ended up sitting next to each other, elbow to elbow as the show started. As soon as they all got in their seats the elderly man said to the others in a triumphant tone, "See. I told you I would get us seats next to each other."

It was at that moment that I wished that Liam Nisson would have showed up and Taken our seats back for us.

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