Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bigger family=bigger house

We have finally started on our basement. Not only will it double the square footage of our house, but it provides much cooler living quarters during the summer (which is hard to think of right now in the dead of winter), and it is nice because we can control what it looks like a lot more than the main level. The framers finished yesterday so I can start doing the electrical in the upcoming weeks before I head back to work on the road. We are hoping that it will be finished before number 2 gets here so that everyone who wants to come visit will have a place to stay.

This is the main room. We are going back and forth on adding a kitchenette. It is such a rediculous word plus that kind of stuff is for millionaires, not us. But it will provide much quicker access to our soda pop whilst down there.

This will be Oliver's play room. We are trying to do an "indoor tree house" theme which is going to take a little work and a lot of imagination.

Nicole is real excited for her new fireplace. All she can think about lately is how cold she is and how she wants it to get warmer. It gives her hope for next year during winter when she will be locked inside the house with two kids.

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