Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Spooky Sacry!

I love Halloween! I love carving pumpkins and dressing up and passing out candy! Its all so fun. This year we actually had a pumpkin to carve from our very own garden. Hopefully next year we will have more than one. P.S. I am sure you are noticing my awesome new haircut! I wanted bangs for a long time but my sister wouldn't cut them until I had wanted them for at least a month (she knows me too well!) A month came and went and I still wanted them cut so she did it. She did a great job and I really like it. Thanks Auntie Em you are the best!

Cory and Mary let us tag along to their trunk or treat. It was a good trial run for the kids, and more candy for the parents which is what trick or treating is all about. Oliver's costume wasn't quite ready yet so we borrowed this Lion costume from his cousin Miles. So cute!

Hey Ollie? Remember when you had your first piece of candy last year for Halloween? If only this was your second piece.

Here's Dotty and Mary. Dotty was a bunny but we kept joking that her and Oliver looked like "the lion and the lamb". I love those cheeks! (Dotty's and Mary's).

Oliver's cute little friend Dayna made this cupcake for him. My friend Catherine (her mom) told me that they were making cupcakes and her son made a bunch to take to his friends but Dayna only wanted to make this one for Oliver! So cute. She came to the door all by herself (she's two) and delivered it to Oliver. He immediately dove into it. Thanks again Dayna!


Paula said...

Loved the pics and the narrative. Glad you are back to posting, I've missed it.

Jensen Family said...

TOO cute! I love 'Oviler' (as Dayna would say)!! :)

You look like you had a great Halloween!!

G-rant said...

What's a Sacry?