Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Olie and the zoo

Hi friends. Well I am trying to take a stab at this again, if you are nice maybe I won't disappear for six months again. We'll see....Here are a couple of pictures from a trip to Cali last month. It was our last time to fly with Oliver for free. He turns two in a few weeks and then we will have to start paying for his plane tickets. So sad. I am glad that we have traveled as much as we have while he was free. Anyway, while we were there we enjoyed the beautiful sunshine, went to the beach(the beach in October...amazing), bought new Rainbows (the only way to go in footwear) and went to the Santa Ana Zoo. I use the term "zoo" very loosely here. Its mostly monkeys and birds with a llama and a kangaroo. But they also have a petting zoo and Oliver had a great time. He is not snoby when it comes to zoos.

This is him very mad at me after I took the stroller to the car. He insists on pushing it himself and kept running into people. Unfortunately none of his victims were amused by his two year old driving skills. Sorry.

Luckily the monkeys cheered him up right away! He loves the monkeys!

Here I am making him pose for a picture. He can only sit for one second so we have to be fast!


Jamie Parke said...

These are all so cute! I am so glad you put them on here. He is looking like a little boy, not a baby anymore!

.James. said...

Nicole, I love that your dad and Garrit are making the same face and that it looks like Oliver is trying to do the same.