Wednesday, November 4, 2009

James and Gee Wed

James and Gee got married a week ago. It was a fantastic weekend. We are glad to add Gee to the LeSueur/Preston clan.

We tried to take a quick family picture. This was the most acceptable. We had to keep promising Oliver candy and toys to sit still long enough to take a few shots. He didn't do very well. He also didn't get any candy or toys.

I love this picture of Juliet. Her and Oliver usually have a hard time getting along. But they had a good time at the Temple together.

Sam likes Casey.

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Paula said...

I loved that you updated your blog. Fun pictures of Halloween. Also, loved the pictures from the wedding. Could you email us some pictures of the wedding? Of course we didn't take a camera that day. We figured we'd get some from everyone else.