Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hawaii Scmawaii

Hey family. Thanks for posting pictures. Here is what I've been doing. I went swimming with Andy's underwater camera. It was fun but my eyes sting from so much salt water.

This is a picture of Andy just before he got clobbered by a wave. You can see it coming. I saw it coming, but I was more interested in taking the picture than warning him.

The tide was super high because a storm had passed by the day before. The surf was going off for the Big Island. We went to a local beach and watched a few dudes catch the waves of their life.

We went exploring a few waterfall locations. We found a tunnel of trees that was dark and scary. We thought that a monkey might be in there, but there wasn't.

This is us at Akaka falls. it sounds like "a caca." The named it that because it "dumps" thousands of gallons of water a minute.

While I was here, I looked all over for proof that President Obama was really born in Hawaii and not in some "other" country like Stenborgia or Grenyarnia. I found no "birth certificate" but I did find a "certificate of live birth" (who knows what that is) and the New Testament written in Pidgin.

At work after it rained for a few minutes, we found a GIANT snail. It was at least 4 inches long. Tried to bite off my face when I poke it with a stick.

I miss you guys. Hawaii is fun and all, but not as fun as you are. Can't wait to come home...for a few days.

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