Friday, July 31, 2009

We Miss You Daddy!

Hello blogging world! It has been forever since I have posted on this blog. In fact Dusten took posting rights away from me and I had to sign on under his name to even post today! Dusten is in Hawaii for the next two weeks and I was given strict instructions to post new pictures of Samantha every day while he is gone. Well he has been gone since Monday and I am finally posting a few pictures (I figure that's not too bad given my current mental status!) For those of you who are concerned about Dusten's absence so soon after Samantha was born, have no fear, my great mom is still here and will be here for another week to take care of us. I couldn't do it without her! Here are a few pictures, Dust. Sorry they aren't great. You are right...we need a new camera!
She always has her hands by her face when she sleeps.

Hanging in the swing.
Getting ready for another nap. Sleeping babies are the best!

Oliver rockin his glasses like the cool boy that he is!

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Missy said...

She is too precious! Seriously I'm dying here. Say hi to your sweet mom.

How have you been feeling? Rest up and take all the help you can get while your mom's around.