Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hello Again

Well hello there. After much pleading and begging I am back. Okay I don't think any of you really actually begged but I know you missed me. I can't believe I haven't posted anything in two months. To be honest I was going through a blog funk. I would look at all your blogs and go "Oh look they just went on vacation, oh look she is so crafty, oh look she is such a fun mom," and on and on. Needless to say I was feeling like I didn't have much to offer the blogging world. Also contributing to my funk is the fact that I live in the land where winter never ends! Anyway it was actually above 70 one day this month so I am thinking about coming out of hibernation. I am not making any promises though. Here's a brief over view of what we have been up to the last two months: Dusten went back to work as an electrician. He works out of state so he travels four days out of the week. Its not as bad as it sounds, some days are just longer than others. I celebrated my 28th birthday. 28 feels just like 27, nothing different. Oliver and I have been to California twice and are planning another trip in two weeks. That is one of the good things about Dusten being gone, Oliver and I can come and go as we please. Oliver is 17 months now and has donned the nickname of "The Beast" or "Rascal". He has so much energy and is very independent. He is so much fun and I love watching him experience new things. Here are a few pictures from the petting zoo that we went to the other day. Oliver LOVED the goats! He was so fearless and let them eat out of his hand. I on the other hand stood in the back ground making sure none of the animals made eye contact with me. I am not so much a fan of the animal kingdom.

Oliver wanted to say thanks to Auntie Em for coming with us to the zoo. She is the best aunt a little boy could ask for. I don't know what I will do when she moves away!

This is Oliver's cousin Dot. She had just had a sad run in with the mud and was less then thrilled to be perched atop a pony.

Oliver on the other hand loved the ponies. He is a true Lehi cowboy. I am sort of saddened by that.

P.S. If you hadn't noticed my heavy coat and Oliver's red face it was freezing this day. It is the end of April for goodness sakes! That's it I am going back in hibernation. See you in another two months.


darci said...

Thanks for the update. Next time you drop by the blog leave a comment it would be great to hear from you.

You really are a Cali girl just like me, move back!!!!!!! We have beaches and sunshine and tons of great stuff.

Anonymous said...
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mere said...

I love that first picture of Oliver! It really shows his enthusiasm. We had so much fun...despite Dotty's eventual meltdown. Thanks so much for inviting us.

Erin | Adam said...

Welcome back!

Trevor, Amber, Matix and Nivelli said...

Looks like fun. So does Dustin like his new job? Oliver has changed so much since the last post. He is so cute.

Alli said...

Woowho!! I think a 2 month hiatus was too long. I cannot believe how big Oliver is. He's no longer a baby, he's a boy! And a handsome one at that.

Trevor, Amber, Matix and Nivelli said...

Hey Nicole,
I am going to call you about this but, I thought since I was here I could ask. We are going to do a photo shoot at the end of this month with the Mai Tei's. We would love for you and little Oliver to come and model on for us. We are not trying to sell you one we are just trying to get a bunch of moms and their children to model different fabric and ways of wearing one. If nothing else you will get your picture taken by an amazing photographer for free. Let me know it should be really fun. I am asking Melisa and her little girl, Amber and her little boy and Mollie is taking the pictures so it should be fun. My email is
You can also view our website to look at the photographer at Thanks so much Mollie I hope you have the time

Harmony said...

thanks for making the effort to rejoin the blog community. I know how you feel about seeing everyone else's - I feel merely adequate.

Amy said...

Nicole...I miss you. You make me laugh. Seems like things are going well. Oliver is adorable!

Grant and Shalie said...

Hey guys!
I found your blog through Aung Donnay's, hope that's OK.
Oliver is so big. Last time I saw him was at the family trip to the cabin. He is so adorable.
Hope all is well