Monday, December 3, 2007

Oliver is 1!!!

I have to first begin with my apologies to Oliver's Grandpa LaBonte and G.G. (his Great Grandma Caldwell). Sorry it took me so long to get this up! Oliver has made it one whole year! We can hardly believe that it has already been that long. Time goes by way too fast. His birthday was on November 21st and we had a little shin dig for him on the 24th complete with presents, cupcakes and grilled cheese (of those three things grilled cheese was his favorite, go figure!) We had an owl themed party for him, which was cute in theory but very hard to find things owl related for a first birthday party. Luckily my husband is super creative, and crafty I might add, I mean he works at a scrap booking company for goodness sakes, so he helped the party to be a smash hit.
We made over sized cupcakes that looked like owls. I have to say they turned out pretty cute, which is crazy since they were my idea! For dinner we served soup and grilled cheese sandwiches which were quite a hit with the kids and adults (the key is to use sourdough bread...delicious). Oliver had a great time although he was very uninterested in unwrapping the presents. Luckily his best bud Jacob helped me and we got those presents opened in no time.
Can you believe that Oliver wore his hat! I am shocked!
Here he is digging into his cupcake. Can you tell that he ate all the icing off first? Smart kid!
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Missy said...

I love the first birthday! It's so fun to watch them w/the cake. THOSE OWLS ARE SOOOO CUTE.

Alli said...

What a great party theme. I too would have been stumped as to how to decorate, but you two came up with great creations!

mere said...

We had so much fun! Congrats Olie!

The Pants Family said...

Looks like Oliver had alot of fun with his cupcake, you did a great job decorating them. Sugar highs are the best!!

Brit said...

I wish we could have come. Thanks again for the invite! (It was super cute and lived on our fridge for weeks)