Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The White Ninja

We blessed Oliver a few weeks ago. Nicole's mom was very nice and offered to make his blessing outfit. However, one day when Nicole described it to me, she used the word "feminine" and I freaked out, as I am prone to over react to things. Since then, Nicole's mom has been really nervous about making this outfit. She was working on a second outfit that I thought was going to be perfect for him, but she decided that it didn't look good. Then she found this one at Target in Southern California.

I think Nicole's mom thought it was a negative comment when I said, "He looks like a white Ninja!" All it lacked was the headband and a black belt. To say the least, I absolutely loved it. The blessing went well. Grandpas, Uncles, Great Uncles and Bishops all participated. It was a perfect day. Of course, now the ward knows us as the bearded family since a big percentage of those who participated wore full beards.

Our good friend Kelly McCaleb brought her camera to the after party and got these great pictures. You can see more at our Picassa site (the link is on the right).
This is Olivers cousin Daphne. She is five years old and can't wait to be able to baby sit for us. She will follow Nicole around everywhere waiting for another chance to hold the baby. She is really cute.
This is Nicole's sister Emily. Not much of a resemblance to her sister.

This is mine and Olivers favorite trick, but Mom and Grandma and Grandma and Great Grandma have a borderline heart attack when I do it. So I don't do it that often anymore. Yeah right!


Brett Says... said...

finally, a lesueur blog. Welcome to the internet. That kid is cute, congrats on the baby and his blessing.

I'll totally be linking here. Don't get blown up in fires.

lady said...

ooh! we neede to try that trick with elliot. we'll be standing over fluffy pillows or large trampolines when we do, of course.

too bad we don't live closer. elliot and oliver could start their own baby circus together - oliver with his balancing act and elliot with his impersonations.

m. said...
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m. said...

baby oliver is so beautiful! seriously. & nicole is a total hottie! i m jealous. way to go dusten on a beautiful family...

Joshua said...

i love the baby sit in the hand trick.... maybe he'll get rigid enough to do the stand in the hand... kind of like the broom in the palm trick... thats a good one for all the old ladies... just hope they dont have CPS on speed dial.